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Bushel Plus Harvest Loss System

Bushel Plus Mini 20"

  • This is a terrific solution for plot and research combines – drumroll researchers and agronomists. 
  • The MINI is ideal for collecting samples in long stubble conditions with 30” row spacing (corn, sorghum, sunflowers, etc.) 
  • It fits between the wide stubble rows and works well with other implement options such as chaff decks.

The Flagship 40"


  • It fits perfectly on the back axle, which allows you to check your losses from the rotor and the sieves.
  • It is great in high stubble crops (with stripper headers, canola, hemp, corn, sunflower, etc.). It fits beneath the feeder house, to be kept safe and high enough away from the tall stubble compared to the back axle mounting point.
  • When attached to the header, it allows you to understand your header losses as well as your losses while using a chaff spreader/chopper implement.
  • It is a must-have for anyone that is harvesting grains and specialty crops.
  • PRO-TIP: Use two FLAGSHIP solutions with our SMART DROP app and collect samples from the back axle and header at the same time. This allows you to truly understand your losses while harvesting in spread mode.

The Wide Setup 60"


  • This DROP PAN is for those growers and agriculturists that would like to take a slightly different approach to sample collection and combine calibration. 
  • It is great for collecting a sample from the entire width of the sieves while dropping straw and chaff in a windrow.

Mini Combines

Bushel Plus Mini Combine


  • A portable electric device for taking samples of wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, oats, soya, peas, field beans, and flax.
  • This self-contained unit comes with 4 interchangeable concaves (no tools required), a lithium-ion battery and a variable-speed brushless motor.
  • Samples collected are identical to a combine giving you the perfect sample size for moisture content tests. and quality analysis.

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