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  • 7" and 10" high-definition touch screen with pinch to zoom capability
  • New User Interface for intuitive handling and customer experience
  • Tablet like operation
  • Customizable widgets allow the user to define their own screen layout based on preference and operation
  • Up to 6 working screen layouts that can be saved and changed on the fly
  • Detailed 3D machine models and advanced viewing angles
  • Easily connected with built in WiFi to support over-the-air software updates and RTK/NTRIP corrections without the need for additional hardware


eDrive M1


  • Next generation steering controller
  • Utilizes 6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit to provide growers with reliable centimeter level performance
  • Easy, multi-step calibration process to support end customer installation
  • Integrated valve driver to utilize hydraulic retrofit and OEM valves without the need for additional hardware
  • Supports Straight, Contour, AB-Contour, and Circle Pivot steering modes
  • Integrates Shuttle Shift and reverse steering capabilities
  • Features eTurns for automated headland turns
  • Easy installation with over 1,500 models covered
  • Facilitates precise steering tasks such as tillage, spraying, harvesting, spreading, planting, bedding, and nutrient placement

eDrive ESI2


  • Combined with either XD or XC delivers accurate automated steering performance
  • Easy calibration
  • Simple installation
  • Model specific kits allow for quick installation by the grower
  • Whisper quiet/high torque electric wheel works on even the hardest to steer vehicles

Application Control



  • Single product rate control
  • Up to 10 section autoboom shutoff
  • Variable rate compatible
  • Controls liquid, dry, and anhydrous ammonia
  • Simple auto calibration procedure
  • Works seamlessly with STX, MAX, REBEL and MaveriX terminals
  • Integrated rate and section control eliminates cab clutter

GNSS Solutions

A631 Receiver


  • All-in-one, Triple-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Receiver Solution
  • Tracks GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS constellations
  • Fast start up and reacquisition times with scalable accuracy
  • Interference Mitigation technology
  • Supports Atlas Global Correction Service for improved performance and repeatability over SBAS
  • Available dual serial, NMEA 2000/CAN, and GSI pulse output interface options
  • RTK Upgrade Option – compatible with A631 RTK base station and cellular RTK networks

A631 Base Station

  • Utilizes A631 All-in-one, Triple-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Receiver Solution
  • Tracks and provides corrections for GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS constellations
  • Fast start up and acquisition times
  • Easy setup and configuration with mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) using WiFi interface
  • 900 MHz radio for license free communication
  • Mobile use with carrying case and external battery
  • Ideal solution to provide customer owned corrections for Rebel Sub-Inch systems
  • Can be combined with another A631 as a rover for tile plows and ditching applications

Atlas Correction Service


  • Industry-leading GNSS-based global L-brand correction service
  • Provides robust performance at market-leading prices
  • Flexible and scalable service
  • Leverages approximately 200 reference stations worldwide
  • Auto-Seed feature eliminates long convergence times
  • RTK Bridging ensures RTK accuracy even when RTK is lost
  • Broad-acre 15cm Pass to Pass, Row-crop 4cm Pass to Pass

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