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Field Computers

Viper 4+

Key Features

  • Works with all brands of equipment.
  • Landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Saves time and reduces errors.
  • Intuitive and rugged. Dust-proof for tough environments.
  • Wireless over-the-air software updates.
  • Customizable user and machine interfaces.
  • 4 camera inputs for monitoring bin levels, blind spots, roadway operation, and more.
  • On-screen implement location with section status.
  • Map-based job selection.


Key Features

  • 12.1-inch high-quality display.
  • Simple, customizable user interface with touchscreen controls.
  • Offers repeatable accuracy.
  • Moves easily from machine to machine.
  • Records and stores data each day, displaying what was planted and where. Data is stored locally and on the cloud.
  • Controls up to 105 virtual sections.
  • Map based navigation.
  • Boundary and guidance line options.
  • Recommended for up to 5-product control.
  • Slingshot® file transfer, remote support, and over-the-air software updates.
  • Easy backup/system recovery.
  • Straight A-B, A+, Pivot, Contour, and Last Pass guidance.
  • ISOBUS Universal Terminal and Task Controller capabilities.


Key Features

  • Simplified, customizable widget layout.
  • Ability to access settings page from inside a job.
  • Map-based navigation.
  • Auto field boundaries keep you organized automatically.
  • Interactive field/job list and map view.
  • Slingshot® ready for file transfer and remote support.
  • ISO Universal Terminal and Task Controller functionality available.
  • Straight A-B, A plus heading, pivot, contour, and last pass guidance.
  • Multiple language support and customizable units.



Key Features

  • The industry’s most accurate steering system, with RTK sub-inch accuracy.
  • Geared for a wide range of terrain with enhanced steering performance and 3D rugged-terrain compensation.
  • Steering auto-adjusts to keep crops safe.
  • Allows faster coverage with better accuracy.
  • Easy to transfer from machine to machine.
  • Pre-set profiles automatically transfer between machines.
  • No reprogramming when switching out the unit.
  • Remote performance monitoring and support through Slingshot®.
  • Compatible with both ISO Steer Ready and Raven Aftermarket Steering Controllers.
  • Wide temperature range for inertial sensors (-40°F/C to +150°F/70°C).


Key Features

  • Single product node footprint with temperature compensated inertials.
  • Installs in cab with direct interface for ISO valve.
  • Enhanced steering performance with incredible accuracy up to 29 mph (46.7 km/h).
  • Machine-specific tune sets.
  • Utilizes external GPS/GNSS with Raven 700S™, 500S™ or third-party GPS.
  • Compatible with Viper® 4+, CR12™, and CR7™
  • Ability to upgrade to Slingshot with additional hardware or GPS/GNSS solution.
  • Compatible with ISOBUS 11783 Curvature Messages for both ISO Steer-Ready and Raven aftermarket steering controllers.
  • Ability to configure third-party radio on field computer; tested and supported solutions include 450/900 MHz AG715 radios. Additional radio configurations may be compatible but require additional validation.

VSN Visual Guidance

Key Features

  • Enhanced steering control and simple operation results in minimal crop damage and more acres covered in each available day.
  • Allows the operator to cover 20% more acres due to increased speed, more efficient field planning, and ease of use.
  • Reduces driver fatigue, allowing operators to increase the average length of their workday.
  • Drastically reduces crop damage and misapplication in the field, saving up to 2% of yields and operational profit.
  • Uses state-of-the-art image sensor and processing technologies to deliver quick response rate and better control.
  • Tracks machine paths accurately to the actual planting, not just hypothetically calculated rows.
  • Quick, one-time calibration with up to five saved profiles for easy crop transitions.
  • Pair with Viper® 4+ or CR12™ for display and RS1™ or SC1™ for guidance.


Key Features

  • High performance dual-frequency receiver.
  • Sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy.
  • Full scalability for enhanced accuracy.
  • Autonomous dual-frequency GL1DE, SBAS, GS, GS Pro, GS-Lite, and RTK.
  • Simple and fast setup.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Magnetic mount.
  • RTK-L and RTK Pro capable.


Key Features

  • Quick convergence time.
  • Sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy.
  • Ability to shut down a device in a static position for any extended period.
  • Quick response positioning enables the customer to get to work faster with confidence.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Supports GS-Lite and GS.
  • Compact, low-profile design.
  • Fixed or magnetic mounting options.
  • Durable enclosure.

GNSS Corrections

Accuracy Options

  • Satellite GS-LITE 15cm Pass to Pass Accuracy
  • Satellite GS 4cm Pass to Pass Accuracy
  • Satellite GS-PRO 2cm Pass to Pass Accuracy
  • Slingshot RTK 2.5cm Pass to Pass Accuracy
  • RTK-L (maintain centimeter-level positioning accuracy for outages in RTK correction messages for up to 20 minutes)
  • RTK PRO (maintain centimeter-level positioning accuracy for outages in RTK correction messages for longer than 20 minutes)

Application & Boom Controls

Hawkeye 2

Key Features

  • Sprays within +/- 5% of target rate at all times.
  • 250% more accurate than competitors.
  • Reduced drift/increased application quality.
  • Even spraying during acceleration and turn compensation.
  • Supports up to 192 individually controlled nozzles.
  • Operating pressure from 10 – 120 psi.
  • Premium upgrade to individual nozzle control eliminates skips and overlaps.
  • Advanced blockage detection (go/no-go).
  • Unparalleled durability.
  • IP69K rated, making it easy to clean via power washing.

Rate Control Module

Key Features

  • Flexible and very easy to use.
  • Accurate, precise – does what you tell it to do.
  • Plug-and-play interface.
  • Easily manages up to five products.
  • 16-section control eliminates expensive skips and overlaps for all application phases.
  • Intuitive diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Easily moves between equipment (magnet or bolt mount).
  • Easily navigates and manages multiple products, tallies, and sensor data.
  • Compatible with ISOBUS Universal Terminals and Task Controllers.
  • Multi language support.
  • IP 67 environmental rating for the harshest of environmental conditions.
  • Dynamically configure run screen based on operator preferences to show most relevant data during operation.

AutoBoom XRT

Key Features
  • Beats the competition in moderate and extreme terrains.
  • Increased control and speed to traverse rolling hills, levees, terraces, and more.
  • Maintains optimal spray height.
  • Smooth movement and fast reaction time.
  • Can operate on ground and canopy modes.
  • Automatically adjusts to changing temperatures.
  • 3-7 non-contact radar sensors.
  • Center rack stability technology is pressure-based for smooth movement and quicker reaction time, maximizing boom life.
  • Radar sensors read up to 5 meters.
  • ISOBUS compatible.

Boom Recirculation

Key Features

  • Boom Recirculation uses add-on hardware to aid in efficient clean out of the boom and plumbing system. By circulating liquid from the outside tip of the boom and back to the center section, product settling is reduced and waste is eliminated.
  • Boom Prime prepares each individual nozzle, beginning on the outside of the boom. Nozzles are opened in timed sections, each one purging remaining chemical before moving down to the next section on the boom until boom priming is complete. By using Boom Prime, you protect the environment by eliminating excess chemical waste when you are priming your sprayer for application.

Sidekick Pro Direct Injection

Key Features

  • Up to 5 direct injection units on one machine, allowing easy switching between fields and applications with Hawkeye Nozzle Control.
  • Rinse Assist for Direct Injection automatically cleans chemical tank with the push of a button.
  • No pre-mixing, tank mixing, cross contamination or clean out reduces waste from unused product.
  • Powerful positive displacement pump which injects on the pressure side, closer to the boom, for faster response time.
  • Eliminates waste for more environmentally friendly practices.
  • Flexibility with multiple chemical applications.
  • Reduced chemical exposure means additional safety for the operator.
  • Gives you the ability to adjust chemical concentration on the fly rather than spraying more or less of the entire mix.
  • Gives you greater flexibility with multiple chemicals in applications to tackle weed resistance and other challenges.
  • Two pump options; High volume pump with capacity of 5-200 ounces (0.15-6.0 L) per minute or low volume pump with a capacity of 1-40 ounces (0.03-1.2 L) per minute.
  • High resolution encoder that provides smoother pump control and exceptional lock on target rate technology.
  • Remote closed-system calibration, eliminating the need for calibration catch tests and exposure to chemicals.
  • Automatic priming feature and real-time diagnostics.
  • Compatibility with additives that reduce maintenance on your application system.
  • ISO, ICD and Raven CAN compatible pumps.

AccuFlow NH3

Key Features

  • Replaces dual cooler systems.
  • New system greatly reduces fittings from 50-plus to less than 30.
  • Produces higher yields, less waste, lower input costs.
  • Superior application accuracy.
  • Closed system keeps product safely away from operator.
  • Faster bleed down – 30 minutes or less for full bleed down.
  • Two-stage valve control.
  • Built-in troubleshooting and notifications.
  • Stainless steel coolers available.

Connectivity & Logistics


About Slingshot

  • Slingshot® is a suite of services that syncs the farm operations from the field to the office. With its connectivity and logistics features, Slingshot increases accuracy and visibility across all your machines, fields, and jobs. This connectivity provides a large range of real-time dispatch, information sharing, monitoring, and reporting analytics to increase accuracy and efficiency — right from your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Field Hub 2.1

Key Features

  • 4G LTE modem connects to most mobile networks worldwide.
  • Also supports 3G or lower networks (where available).
  • Ethernet port allows for full Internet connectivity to Raven field computers, as well as other compatible devices.
  • WiFi hotspot provides robust wireless access to laptops and other mobile devices in the cab.
  • Connects to most modern GNSS positioning systems directly via serial port for cellular RTK streaming. Integrated GPS for easily tracking location of equipment on Slingshot Fleet Tracking portals.

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