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Water Management Control Systems

Ditch Assist

What is Ditch Assist

  • Ditch Assist is an automatic machine control system for surface drainage, land leveling, land forming, and simple tile drainage installation that automatically controls the raise/lower hydraulics on scrapers, ditchers, land levelers, blades, and just about anything that’s raised and lowered hydraulically.
  • Operate Ditch Assist wirelessly via our free and easy to learn app that runs on a standard 10″ Android tablet.
  • Custom designed PWM valve provides precise control of any implement using any age, make, and model of tractor.
  • Now featuring fully customizable ditch, tile, and plane designs via Slope-IQ, plus ability to import land forming designs.

Ditch Assist X

About Ditch Assist X

  • Ditch Assist X is the first affordable alternative to using lasers when digging to grade. Using an RTK GPS receiver plus Ditch Assist X Sensor Modules mounted on the machine, the operator can use the Ditch Assist App to verify bucket elevation and check grade at any position in real-time.
  • Ditch Assist X uses the Ditch Assist Android App featuring wireless communications and easy to use features.
  • The operator can see current bucket elevation and whether they are on grade. No lasers to move or grade rod checks.
  • Ditch Assist X smart sensors combined with GPS information provide accurate bucket elevation at any digging position.

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