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Straw Choppers & Blades

MAV Straw Chopper

Key Features

  • Paddle blades increase chopper air flow, spread width and uniformity in wide body choppers
  • Fan blades create air speeds in excess of 160 mph
  • Unique tailboard design spreads residue up to 45 feetTightly spaced, high quality carbide-coated blades
  • Straight sharpened reversible blades finely cut straw into uniform sizes
  • A new rotating knife bank can help to reduce blade damage from rocks and foreign objects passing through the chopper
  • Improve seeding performance with a consistent, fine cut
  • Reduce the risk of hair-pinning, toxic chaff and other issues
  • Spread residue further and more evenly
  • Get the perfect spread to fit your header size
  • A sharper cut uses less power, so you can cover more acres more quickly
  • Skip vertical tillage and heavy harrowing to finish your field faster

Blade Kits

Key Features

  • Start sharp, stay sharp
  • Serrated edge provides superior cutting action in tough conditions
  • Noticeable increase in chop quality
  • Self-sharpening for the best straw-cutting action
  • Optimized, high-quality carbide coating for the longest life and sharpest cut
  • Reversible, carbide coated serrated design for twice the wear of some factory blades
  • Carbide coating allows blades to self-sharpen and slice through straw with less force
  • Sharper blades cut straw more efficiently, conserving fuel and horsepower

Harvest Weed Seed Control

Seed Control Unit (SCU)

Key Features

  • Fully integrated design
  • Leverage your existing equipment
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple belt drive system
  • Kill your weeds and manage resistance
  • Put nutrients back into the field
  • Reduce the need for tilling and chemicals

EMAR Chaff Deck

Key Features

  • Lowers spraying costs by isolating control of weeds to wheel tracks.
  • Low running costs, low maintenance and has minimal impact on power consumption.
  • Quick removal from combine for cleaning or maintenance
  • Available in North America through Redekop Manufacturing

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